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My husband has been hired for a new job!  He is very excited, but his training is over 2 hours away, so he will need to stay in a hotel while he is working. It is difficult. We have not been apart like this in a long time. The children are upset and confused about where Daddy is. Thankfully he is able to come home on his days off. But it is for 7 weeks. When he is finished with training, he will be working only a couple of miles from home, which is great!!  So I am very excited and proud of my husband!

Some days I want to write but my mind is so full I don’t even know where to start. So for tonight, this happy job news, and off to bed! Morning comes early 🙂


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Denominations: Good or bad?   Leave a comment

So I have been going through a lot of soul searching lately, with my denominational crisis of faith. I am not having a crisis of faith in God; rather, a crisis of what church to attend, where I can be taught truths and edified and grow, rather than merely having my ears tickled. I have some idea of things to look for, but of course so far I have not found everything all in one spot!  The main churches that I am interested in exploring in more detail right now are:

Luthern, Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Mennonite.  Possibly even Eastern Orthodox or something similar to that. I have difficulties with certain doctrines that I was raised with (Roman Catholic), although I absolutely love the liturgy and the ceremony. It really feels worshipful to me.  However, I do not believe you are damned if you are not baptized, though I believe baptism is important in one’s faithwalk. I do not believe that priests need be celibate, and I do not believe that only a priest can abolish my sins. God is the only one with the authority to do that. I think Mary is a very important woman in the Bible, and a very good example of a faithful woman, but I do not believe she should be revered and held up on the same level as Jesus Christ.

So these are just a couple of musings for today, I will write about what I learn in my journey as I have time to do so. God bless you!

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I have not written in a month!  It seems like forever, and just yesterday, all at the same time.  Since the surgery, I have mostly been working on homework, reading, and spending time with my political friends @PolitiScoop. Which has been enjoyable, but now that my foot is beginning to heal, I need to get back into a real routine. Homework, housework, kidwork, the whole kit and kaboodle. Problem being that two days ago I managed to strain a muscle in my back. So now that my foot is feeling better, my back hurts so badly I cannot stand at times!  It sure can be frustrating.

I am trying to stand still and breathe in the wonderful smells of spring and not let myself get sucked into the “dreary and monotonous” day by day things that need to be done. My husband was discussing school for our 4-year-old son, and I really would like to homeschool him, but my husband does not like the idea. He also does not believe that I would be able to be social enough to give David the type of social life that he needs to have. Which I do need to work on, but I also do not have a vehicle of my own, which makes it more difficult.

I think though that I am going to put together a small, rather informal, Pre-K curriculum for David. We have been working on letters and numbers and such, and he knows them by sight, but we are working on writing them now. I have found a couple of really good websites that look like they would be very helpful in setting up something simple that we can do. I need to set a date to sit down and really work on that. I also need to get a few supplies like binders to help make things a bit more organized.

I have started knitting again!  not much, just a little bit, but it is enjoyable.  I also have been going through a bit of a spiritual crisis, not with God, but with what earthly church I should be attending. That is a topic for another day though!

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Is it bad…?   Leave a comment

A good friend of mine was talking about Yoga.  This automatically put me on guard, due to the nature of most yoga exercises/instruction discussing practices or thoughts that I would deem non-Christian at best.  I really respect this woman but as she was continuing to talk, she kept mentioning spiritual gurus.  Is it bad that my first thought is “ugh pagan.”  I never really thought I would become *that* person.  The person who classifies things, who separates into into “Us” vs. “Them.”  But in some ways, isn’t it us vs. them?  Jesus says that He is the way, the truth, and the light, no one will come to the Father except through Him.  So when people look to others as their spiritual guides, gurus, gods, does that not separate us?

Maybe this is what was meant by discerning judgment. It isn’t that I dislike this woman; I actually quite enjoy her company. But we as a culture are so afraid to offend, we have to be PC, that we cannot even begin to talk, even in a respectful way, of these types of heresies.

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So this would be the first post of my new “blog.”  I have never had a blog before, and I’m not really sure what to think of it, but I wanted a place that I could write about various things that are important to me.  This seemed like a good option.  Today was a good day overall. I had a bath, and since I have a cast, this is something to be excited about.  Also, after 29 days, Matthew has finally broken his hunger strike over the WI GOP!  Ah that is a big relief, though I love and support him, having someone starving in front of your eyes is scary. And that is quite a relief.

I am looking for some type of Christian messageboard/forum where I can interact with others, but there does not seem to be any active ones other than the one LDS board that I have found.  I will keep my eyes open.

Anyways, until later!

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